August 29, 2014

Make Money From Home: Learn The Easiest Way To Start Making Money From Home by Taking Surveys Online by Dave Victory

Make Money From Home: Learn The Easiest Way To Start Making Money From Home by Taking Surveys Online. (Make Money From Home, Make Money Online, Make Money ... Make Money, How To Make Money Online)Short, basic guide to answering online surveys

Very quick read about doing online surveys.

Basically gives you an idea of how to use surveys as a means of getting money, if you weren't very familiar with it in the first place. Hence, it's a basic guide to online survey-answering. Includes pros and cons, and what to do to get you started.

Just to note: This book doesn't exactly give names of the survey websites you can check out.

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- Amazon [3/5 stars]

November 19, 2012

BOOM by Michael Whetzel

Great story of a no-holds-barred walking time bomb

We all have that something that just ticks us off. It could be bullying bosses, unattainable prospective lovers or lousy neighbors. Have you ever thought, however, about what would happen in case we allow all that anger to manifest and allow it to go BOOM? 

This is a story of a man who is fed up with all the daily annoyances of his life. He has an education, he has interests & talents, and he is nice & congenial. For some reason, however, his life turns out in such a way that he is almost a walking time bomb due to how he's constantly ticked by how people (and life) treated him. How he ends up managing such an anger is for you to check out in this book. 

While the plot in itself seems simple, this has been well-written nevertheless. There's a fantastical angle here too, but the line between fantasy and reality has been so cleverly blurred, it's awesome. 

My only annoyance? It's too short! We need a sequel :) 

Go over this and get ready to be swept away by Jeffrey. He's already counting down the seconds to a breakdown. Get ready and enjoy the ride. 

(Check out the author's The Pied Piper of the Undead while you're at it! Great stuff.) 

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-Amazon [5/5 stars]

September 16, 2012

Ish - Getting the Ish Out in the Open by Regina Griffin

Ish - Getting the 'Ish Out in the Open (VOL I)
Great as a coffee table book

This could be read in one sitting, but this may be best read like a coffee table book, one page at a time. 

The book presents simple enough advice, statements and general to-dos that are weird, wacky, and rather deep. They are presented one page at a time, one sentence at a time. The ideas are random, although I was pleasantly surprised at more than one page. 

This would probably make a good coffee table book, because you could always pick it up, randomly open it to a page, and ponder the thought presented to you for the entire day. As I've read this on the Kindle App, it's hard to do such a thing.

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-Amazon [3/5 stars]
-Barnes & Noble [3/5 stars]

August 26, 2012

Clockwork Blue by Gloria Harchar

Clockwork Blue (The Lumière Chronicles)
Love story with a dash of fantasy and a hint of steampunk

I picked this book up because I was attracted by its steampunk lure. Little did I know that the steampunk essense is only some 10% of the book. The rest is of fantasy, drama, sex and colors. 

You've got here a tomboyish lady who's got an interesting gift; a brooding, handsome, misunderstood and powerful man; and a couple of pixies. (Yep, those little flying creatures who have the power to unleash evil into the world.) 

Overall: An interesting look at industrial England, with a quirky little romance in the middle of it. A quick, cute read, all in all.

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-Amazon [4/5 stars]

August 11, 2012

Sugar & Salt by Ninotchka Rosca

Sugar & Salt
A quick, lovely look into woman's role in Philippine history

This is a short, simple, beautifully worded fable that plays with the roles of sugar and salt in Philippine history. It also, in particular, notes the experience of the woman, the Filipina, in the history of the Philippines. Few words, very deep, quite moving.

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-Amazon [5/5 stars]